06 Feb 2014

You Can Be Funny About Anything… Can’t You?

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So now that you’ve decided that a life of comedy awaits – performing stand-up or writing, or both – what are you going to joke about?

Many writers and performers, starting out, look at the blandness of much of what they see on mainstream TV, and reckon they could be much harder, edgier, sharper and funnier. Sometimes they are. I am totally sympathetic to this view – so much of the best comedy, the best anything really, comes from angry people tearing up the old rules and starting from a new place.

30 Jan 2014

The Family Family

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I always look forward to the new series of 'Outumbered', the family sitcom by Guy Jenkin and Andy Hamilton that helped to reinvent the form, and breathe new life into a genre that often feels like it hasn't moved on since the 1970s template 'Butterflies' by Carla Lane.

23 Jan 2014

What The World's Been Waiting For: A New Blog

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Hello everyone, and welcome to this first post on my new blog, offering advice on how to Be Averagely Successful At Comedy.

You may be wondering what purpose might be served by the arrival of a new blog. A blog with tips about how to do something creative, from someone you may not have heard of, someone who may have a long list of writing and performing credits but no certificate of qualification as a teacher.