02 Jun 2014


Whether you're writing a ten word joke or an 80,000 word novel, IT CAN ALWAYS BE FUNNIER. Let me help you find a way to FUNNY UP YOUR WRITING

Writing Stand Up - Monday 11 November

Stand up comedians can learn to be proficient at performing fairly quickly. But if you want to get on in the business, you need to be able to write. This course shows you how to generate material from your own experience, and to build up parts of an act you can use in any situation. If you're not interested in performing this course also shows you how to work with comics on their acts.

Writing Topical Comedy - Thursday 14 November

The quickest way to earn a living at comedy is by selling topical jokes to TV, radio and online. We'll look at writing jokes, sketches and spoof newspaper articles based on the news, how to structure topical gags, and above all how to keep going week in week out, even if you don't initially make the sales.

 Creating A Show - Wednesday 20 November
Full of ideas but overwhelmed at the thought of turning them into sitcom, comedy drama or movie screenplay? Today we go right back to the start and lay the foundations for a great script - exploring what it's about, who it's about, and why you are the only person who can be writing this script, right now.

You Can't Have One Without The Other - Wednesday 27 November

Whether you're writing a sitcom, comedy drama or screenplay, you need the best combination of great flawed characters and powerful stories. Bring your own characters if you want and be prepared to push them to their limits. 

 CANAL MUSEUM, 12-13, New Wharf Rd KING’S CROSS, LONDON N1 9RT    10am-4pm

 For information on availability and how to pay contact davecohen58@googlemail.com


“Such an inspiring class. I really enjoyed being put with other people in the class to brainstorm ideas for shows. I rarely get to be creative in groups like that, so it was a real pleasure to be able to bounce ideas around with other people. And it was comedy-based, which meant I was laughing and smiling throughout the exercises. Would recommend the classes 100%!” Marcus Barnes

“I thought your classes were informative, fun and covered exactly what I hoped they would. I would definitely be interested in more classes and without a doubt would recommend your classes to all aspiring comedians and script writers.” Carly Freedman

“I liked how down to earth and welcoming you were in the classes.  I felt you tried to involve everyone, regardless of their ability (as a fairly shy person this really helped me).  I was apprehensive about the group writing activities after only ever writing alone but was surprised how much I got out of them.  It was nice to discuss ideas with like-minded people and it's made me want to do more of it in the future.” Martin Bickle

“I particularly enjoyed thinking about and discussing what made a memorable character – hearing other people’s thoughts and meeting the other members of the class was really great.” Jane McCutcheon

It was spot on for me. Have already recommended it to a couple of friends & work colleagues.” John Sandy

One class £78, two £120, three £162, all four £195

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All classes run from 10am-4pm and include free tea, coffee and refreshments, lunch not included. No refunds can be given.