09 Jul 2014


"Dave Cohen gives great notes."

Sam Bain, co-creator and writer, 'Peep Show', 'Fresh Meat', 'Rev', 'Four Lions'.


Over the years I've had numerous jobs as a comedy script editor, recently I began offering a sitcom and sketch script-reading service.

Usually I'll read a sitcom episode or six sketches, and give the following notes:

1. General feedback with detailed notes on the style, feel, characterisation and storytelling aspects of the script.

2. Specific line-by-line notes on the script

3. Suggestions for what you should do next with your script(s).

Providing you don't hit me at a bad deadline moment, I aim to get back to you within a maximum of five working days.


FOR FULL DETAILS contact me at: davecohen58@googlemail.com