Dave Cohen, writer, broadcaster, comedian, actor, available for everything except weddings and barmitzvahs. And I’m not interested in going on a cruise ship either. Or dressing up in period costume and pretending to be an Elizabethan gentleman at the Museum of Elizabethan Gentlemen.

Actor, you say?

Well, I have the most incredible range of acting skills as my movie CV shows. In 2004, I played ‘grumpy middle-aged Jewish man’ in a film called Suzie Gold. I occupy approximately 3 seconds of screen time in the opening minute. Then I played ‘grumpy middle-aged Jewish man’ – a different grumpy middle-aged Jewish man mind, I’m versatile me - in the Working Title movie 66, released October 2006.

Here’s the information TV advert makers reach for when they’re seeking to cast ‘comedy swarthy foreigner’

DAVE COHEN (Spotlight Actors)


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