with Ronnie Golden and Dave Cohen

The comic song is as old as comedy itself. The word ‘satire’ was created more than 2,000 years ago, largely to define the song form that was used by the Greeks to describe a comic tirade against the folly of power.  

Occasionally revived but often reviled, the comic song is back in fashion, with performers like Tim Minchin and Bret McKenzie of The Conchords achieving massive success. Now you can learn how to excel at the form with the help of two of its finest practitioners - Ronnie Golden and Dave Cohen.

Together they will walk, talk and sing you through the various processes involved in creating a funny song, looking at what makes a great comic song and including practical exercises. They'll concentrate on the song types that TV and radio are looking for, while encouraging you to write in your own style. And they'll help you start to earn a living from comedy songwriting, teaching the best way to come up with songs for the long-running News Revue and Treason Show. 

And don't worry if you can't sing or play an instrument, making the words funny is your number one priority.

For more than 30 years Dave and Ronnie have been creating comic songs for live, radio and TV shows. In the late 1970s Ronnie achieved US chart success with Fabulous Poodles and played the legendary Buddy Holly in BBC2's The Young Ones singing 'Coo Coo Daddy Longlegs'. For the last ten years or so he's been writing and performing songs with Barry Cryer for their hugely popular 'Rock Of Ages' shows. Dave has written more than 300 songs for Radio and TV including Spitting Image, and his lyrics for the multi award-winning CBBC hit Horrible Histories have been described as 'genius' by the Daily Telegraph.


10.00 am - 4.30pm

LONDON CANAL MUSEUM, 12-13 New Wharf Road, London N1 9RT


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